How To Start a Dating Website

If I buy your $99 open source dating software, do I still have to pay for $29.99 monthly fee?

No. If you buy the $99 open source dating software, you don't have to pay for $29.99 monthly fee. On the other hand, if you sign up for any hosting plan, you don't have to pay for the $99 dating software.

Do I need business license to run a dating business?

No. It's not necessary. Many clients are self-employed.

How long does it take to setup my account and dating website?

Your account and dating website will be created immediately after you paid. You just need to follow the link in welcome email we sent you. Your dating website will be setup with all default settings, but you still can make changes and customize it further.

Can I setup free dating site and start charging membership fee after certain period?

Yes you can. All dating sites are free by default. You can create payment plans and select features you want to charge your members.

I currently use dating software by another provider. Is it possible to migrate to your solution?

Yes. You can transfer your existing dating software or dating website to our solution. We can also help you migrate your members from another provider for free. Before we can assist, please check with your current provider or web hosting company to make sure you have access to your members database and are able to download them, so we can convert the database and upload to our servers. We have many clients transferred from Ning, Skadate, DatingPro, and vldpersonals successfully.

I already have a domain name. Can I still use your dating software and solution?

Yes. Many of our clients registered their domain name with godaddy, yahoo, or other domain registrars. You simply change the dns or nameservers with your registrar to point to our servers. We will show you the details after you have signed up with us.

Do I need merchant account to charge my members?

We do support 20+ merchant account gateways, however, it's not 100% necessary. Most of our clients simply use PayPal because it's easier to sign up and setup. We also support other 3rd party gateways such as ccbill, gtpay, gspay, and more.